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Nature Integration and Team Building Fun: Hawkway's 2024 Outdoor Expedition
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On April 2, 2024, Hawkway organized a unique team-building event, embarking on an outdoor expedition in the picturesque Moyou Valley in Xifu Town, Qingdao. Employees immersed themselves in this scenic valley, fostering a deep connection with nature and each other.


The event featured a diverse range of activities. Following a hearty barbecue feast, employees tried their hand at tie-dye art and then participated in the egg-picking challenge, where laughter filled the air, creating a joyful atmosphere.


This gathering strengthened bonds among colleagues, showcasing the warmth and unity of the team. Hawkway remains committed to its corporate culture of caring for employees and promoting harmony, continuing to organize vibrant team-building activities and co-authoring the company's journey of success with its staff.

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